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Set up a minimum of 4 pairs of cones in a straight line and get players into pairs, with a player from each pair stood behind the starting cones.

In this pairs passing exercise players are only allowed to use straight passes (no diagonal balls).

The first pass is played from player 1 (p1) to player 2 (p2). P1 then runs diagonally across the grid to receive the return pass from p2.

After passing the ball to p1, p2 must also run to the cone diagonally opposite to receive the next pass.

The drill continues in this way until players reach the final cone.

Coaching points

This exercise tests your players' coordination skills (so it's a good one for warm ups) as well as their ability to pass and receive.

You can add you own variations to this drill to make it more challenging:

You could have two lines running simultaneously as a race.

You could also place a defender at the end of each set of cones and a goal, players would have to pass their way around the defender in order to finish with a shot on goal.

After each repetition players collect their ball and dribble back to the start.

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Drill tags: control, coordination, passing, receiving, warm up

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