Defending When Outnumbered

It’s obviously never the ideal situation to be over run at the back. However, when you do get caught on the break and your defence are struggling to recover, it’s important to know the roles and responsibilities of the covering defenders to slow down the break to allow numbers to get back!

What’s in the Session?

Warm up with a dynamic exercise that gets the players into a defenders frame of mind. The warm-up encourages the defenders to think about their positioning and movements in order to isolate attackers to win the ball back from them when there is an overload. Once their brains are engaged and their heart rates are up, move onto the main technical side of the session. The players will work in an area then on the trigger, will attack to overload the defender. This will test the defenders reaction time, movement and recovery to slow the attack. The final conditioned game plays with an overload of attackers to encourage the defending team to communicate and position themselves to nullify to attack and create numbers back in their favour.

Having a defence that understands each other is the best way to create a solid back line that’s able to handle an overloaded attack. Make sure all players know their roles and responsibilities to be able to stem the danger!

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