Finishing - Individually & Combining

Strength and positivity combined with practice makes for a lethal mix in a striker that will send shivers down the spines of any defenders out there.

The greatest strikers always back their ability. The positivity they have is what drives them to score so many goals, if they think they are better than the defender then they already have one up on them. This session aims to build the confidence of strikers by building a strong repertoire of finishes into their game. From small-sided games in tight spaces, uncontested technique training, this session has it all to build the ultimate all-round striker. The session finishes with a competitive game that breads strikers full on confidence so that when it comes to game day, they have the skills and positivity to score just as many on the pitch.

Will you find the next star striker with this session that just screams out for a goal-scorer!?

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