Drill Categories

Shooting Drills

Who doesn't love shooting in football? To develop your forwards' shooting shot and follow through check out the videos below. These coaching games and...


1 Touch Interior Exterior

category: Dribbling

Player(s) dribbles from one cone to the other.

He/She takes 1 touch with the interior of the foot followed by 1 touch with the exterior while...


category: 1-v-1-skills

The feeder starts with the ball. They play the ball with a push pass forward.

As the ball is played players 1 and 2 sprint to the ball. The ...

2 Back 1 Forward Free Dribble

category: Dribbling

Player(s) dribble from one cone to the other.

They work on taking 2 touches backwards with the soles of one foot and push the ball forward w...

2 Steps Forward, One Step Back

category: Agility

Player takes 2 footed calf springs along the ladder.

He jumps forward two rungs, and then back one, all the way to the end

2 Touch Interior Exterior Left Foot

category: Dribbling

Set up as shown with cones evenly spaced out.

The distance between the cones can be modified depending on your players abilities.


3 Vs 1 Keep Ball

category: Possession

Straight forward passing and moving drill with only two touches on the ball.

The blue players off the ball can only receive the ball at one ...

Agility Circuit

category: Agility

Players start on the baseline and run one at a time. The next player starts once the player in front of them has run around the first cone.


Combo Pass, Cross And Shoot

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

The drill starts with player 3 moving to the red cone and then coming back to receive pass from player 1.

Once player 3 has received the bal...

Web Videos

How to play forward in soccer

Are you an attacker? Watch this OSA video to learn how to play forward in soccer! Subscribe - ... ------------ Click to "Show More" ------------ Do yo...



Playing the ball out from the back

Don't hoof the ball and play route one football. Teach your defenders to dribble, pass and look forward for options to start the new attack.

Community Drills

Autosave 49033737

5v2 in initial area, make 5 passes before hitting the winger in the channel, the winger will drive forward before sending in a varied delivery to 3 at...

crossing and finishing

Keeper kicks out to pivot in the square box, the pivot then plays a ball out either to the left winger, or the right winger. One of the wingers can th...

Warmup 1

A dynamic warm up is vital to a successful training session. There are many different versions and mixed feelings regarding whether ...