Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: To defend against a winger or opposite full back overlapping


  • This practice uses 7 players (2 full backs 2 wide players 1 CB 1 Att 1 GK)
  • Use the same area/side of the pitch as above.
  • Serving full back serves the ball from half way line. Defensive full back starts 10 yards outside of 18 yard box.
  • Attacking full back passes the ball to wide player. As ball travels defending full back pressurises ball. Full back can now pass to centre forward or overlapping full back.
  • Defending centre back and wide player are added.
  • Full Back: Having pressured wide player, if opposing full back overlaps, defensive full back tracks overlapping run.
  • If wide player passes or dribbles inside to centre forward full back tucks in close to centre back.
  • Wide Player: If full back overlaps, wide player to pressurise opposing wide player and force the ball down the line.
  • Centre Back: Move within 10 yards of full back to remain compact whilst positioning ball side of centre forward.

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