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High Intensity drill

This a 6 vs 2 invasion game. Mark out three areas in a line (each box 15m x 25m) using cones (You can adjust the area based on the level of the players and if it is too easy for the Attackers or Defenders).

Start with 6 players in each of the two end areas and 4 in the middle area.

The aim of this drill is for the 6 players in each end to keep possession of the ball, with those in the middle taking turns to try and win the ball. Players in the end zone have 2 touches maximum or a point goes to the Defenders.

To start, a Feeder will throw the ball into one of the ends. Two Defenders will then move into the relevant end and chase down passes in an effort to win the ball back in a 6 vs 2 game.

The 6 players will be passing the ball amongst themselves. Once they have completed 6 successful passes then they can pass to the opposite end. When this happens, the players left in the middle will enter that end and do the same thing.

The Defenders work for 3 minutes then rotate the playing positions around.

Coaching points

Keep score of how many times they win the ball back in the 3 minutes.

The team that gets the least touches can do a forfeit- e.g high intensity run, or collecting kit in.

Defenders should touch the ball around 8-10 times in 3 minutes. If not then adapt the area size.

The Defenders should:

  • Get close to players in possession
  • Cutting off passing lanes using angle of approach
  • Read opportunities to intercept a pass or make a tackle
  • Communicate with their teammates; they try to predict play, so that when the opposition pass into a certain area they can then close down.

Team in possession:

  • Move the ball quickly
  • Know what they're going to do with the before it arrives at their feet; pre-scanning of the available options
  • Players not in possession should make movements away from the ball (making angles)
  • Weight the pass so that it arrives quickly but is easy to control


To make it harder for the Defenders:

  • The Attackers can touch as many times as they want.
  • Increase area¬†

To make it harder for the Attackers:

  • 1 touch for the ball
  • Decrease area

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