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6 vs 6 game with 2 Floaters (who can play for whichever team has the ball).

Set up an area the size of one half of the pitch. In each corner and in the middle, position 2 cones to make 5 mini goals.

Also have 6 players stood around the outside of the area, who the ball can be passed to and from.

After the first game, switch one of the teams out and have the outside 6 come in and form a team. Rotate round like this so they each play each other.

Play 3 mins each of attacking, 3 times (9 mins in total each, 27 mins overall).

Coaching points

Defenders should be delaying Attackers until they have defensive support. They do this by firstly by putting pressure on the ball carrier.

It is important when delaying that they don't "dive in" and get beaten easily. They keep pressure on the ball but perhaps do not engage until teammates are there for support.

  • Half turned body position (don't stand square on)
  • Communication from Defensive support
  • Can they force the Attackers into certain areas to delay the ball going forwards


This is working on channelling players to where you want them to go, which is useful in a game to help you direct play and limit the opposition's choices.

Channelling is used to make play predictable - if Defence can restrict play to one area then they know where the ball will go.

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