Junior Defending - Making sure all players are covered

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In this session we work on the basics of defending - teaching your players to stand up and resist the temptation to dive in, waiting for the perfect moment to make their move to win the ball.

Defending principles are a difficult concept for juniors as they're all drawn to the ball, desperate to win the ball back! To help your players remember that there are other players on the pitch this session gets your players to practice jockeying, holding up the opposition and timing their interception.

Which players should use this Session?

All players should have an understanding of the basic principles of defending, even your forwards. This is why it's important that all your players have an understanding of these principles so that you can start to press the minute your team lose possession.

Don't let over-eager defending put your team under increased pressure - instead teach your players to stand their ground and put the pressure on their opponent!

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