2 Strikers, 3 Shots

category: Shooting

Have a mannequin on the edge of the penalty circle, and another in line with it out, out at the left hand corner of the penalty box.

Players ...

3 Style Shooting

category: Shooting

Set up 3 cones (or poles) spaced as shown in the diagram.

Have a mannequin positioned on either side of the middle, just before the penalty b...

Circle Throws

category: Goalkeeping

The keeper works their way around the circle and must react to three different types of feed which they must try to catch/stop and then return the ...

Fish Tank

category: Conditioned-games

Set up a 10 x 10 area fish tank (any shape you see fit - diamond, square, circle, etc) and set up small goals on the outside.

Have 4 players ...

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Striking and Finishing, like Costa

Goals win games. That's why this session teaches your strikers to finish like these two prolific goal-scorers through a variety of finishing skills, d...

Community Drills

Autosave 60878354

Gather players in a large circle and perform static stretches while asking them questions with a view to getting feedback from your session.Work stret...

First Touch 2

Split centre circle in half and have 2 groups working, one in either half. Have 2 attackers and 1 defender in each half and 2/3 floaters on the outsid...

Race to Finish

Team is split into two teams and each player is given a number 1-7. Coach calls a number and that number player in each team is required to sprint rou...

Reaction Warm up

Warms up the brain as well as the feet.Make a circle with cones, one for each player. If there are lots of players make another circle.Shout instructi...