Junior Dribbling - Changing pace and direction

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This session gets your players dribbling with confidence, using both feet, keeping the ball close to their body and changing speed and direction!

Not all players will be ambidextrous (able to use both feet) but you should be able to demand certain things from your team:

  • Don't let the ball run away from you
  • Keep your head up when you're on the ball
  • Try to use both feet
  • Be confident using different parts of your feet

Confidence using your weaker foot will greatly help players when they're next stuck in a tight corner.

What's in the session?

To improve dribbling form and encourage players to keep their heads up whilst on the ball this session starts with a fun Cone Flip warm up game before then progressing onto the serious business of dribbling - to help them master the ball like Messi!

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