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Have a mannequin on the edge of the penalty circle, and another in line with it out, out at the left hand corner of the penalty box.

Players positioned on cones 1, 2 and 3 as shown in the diagram, each with a ball.

Player 1 dribbles a ball to the mannequin in front of them, feints one way then moves the ball the other way to shoot. The Player then runs back towards the next mannequin and receives the ball from Player 2. Player 2 runs up to the right of the mannequin and Player 1 lays the ball off to them to take a shot.

Both players then run in to receive a cross from Player 3, on the outside right. (Player 1 takes front post, Player 2 back)

Coaching points

Shots from position 1:​

  • Head over the ball if choosing to shoot with power, this helps to keep the ball low.
  • May opt to bend the ball around the goalkeeper using inside of the foot (slight lean back to get ball airborne)

Shots from 2:

  • Have head over the ball (do not lean back)
  • Hard and low into the corners
  • If the Player has an angle (wide) then shoot across the face of the GK- this way if the GK saves the ball then he will probably be pushing it on to onrushing Players who can score. 

When finishing a cross: sometimes the players don't need to try to produce power, they can just use pace from cross and guide the ball.

​Where the ball is crossed to is usually dictated by the strikers. In this scenario the crosser should have 2 options. Cross should take visual cues from the strikers run and verbal communication to make their decision. 

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