Football Drill Demonstration


Set up 3 cones (or poles) spaced as shown in the diagram.

Have a mannequin positioned on either side of the middle, just before the penalty box.

Have a Player positioned on the backline to the left side in the penalty box with a ball.

Have another Player (W) positioned out wide to the right side with a ball.

A Player starts halfway between the centre circle and goal; dribbles the ball around the cones and in between the mannequins to take a shot.

After first shot, Player quickly moves around the left hand mannequin and gets a cross from the wide player. Then the Player recovers around the right hand mannequin to receive the ball from the player on the goal line.

Rotate the players around ever play (shooter > winger > backline player > shooter line)

Coaching points

The striker:

  • Keep eye on the ball through whole process
  • Important not to slash at shots
  • Stand at roughly 45°, to be able to see the pass and goal
  • From the cross:
    • Use the pace of the ball to guide in if you can.
    • If the ball is coming to the near post then Players can use a glancing header. If it's going to the back post then they have to guide the ball back to where its come from.
  • Short ball:
    • Because the ball is travelling towards the striker it is often blasted over the bar. Therefore it is important for Players to keep their head over the ball and shoot low. They should use either the instep or powerful sidefoot to "guide" it. Can get more accuracy with a sidefoot.


The short pass is replicating a pull back from a winger in a game situation. 

It is important for the striker to keep moving instead of being static to move Defenders and create space.

Running back around the mannequins helps to do this. Also entering the box from outside replicates a midfielder running into the area.

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