Attacking Movement, 1v1 Confidence and Overload Play

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In this coaching plan we've gathered some of the best 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 drills and overload games, to improve the flow of your team's attacks and prepare them for match day.

These exercises are designed to work with small groups and have plenty of progressions to challenge your more advanced players. They allow players to express their creativity and to give them the freedom to show their skills and abilities in 1v1 situations.

Chelsea and Belgian star Eden Hazard can often play as a winger, and is a great model for your players to visualise when making taking on their player and creating attacking overloads.

Why use this session?

Use this plan if you want your team to:

  • Practice 1v1s in different areas of the field
  • Use games and drills to work on attacking overloads
  • Boost player confidence taking on defenders

Encourage creativity on the pitch and develop good decision making with this overload and 1v1 confidence session.

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