Football: Shoot, Recover, Finish

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  • Make a pitch from the edge of one penalty box to the same the other end, full width. Set up a goal with a GK at each end.
  • A group of Attackers start in the centre circle. A group of Defenders start offset to the left of them.
  • The coach feeds the ball in to and Attacker and they run forward to a 1 vs 1 situation with 1 Defender. The Attacker should take on the Defender and attempt to score.
  • Once the Attacker has taken a shot they recover in an arc to receive a ball cross in from the right side.
  • As this is going on, when the GK at the other end has seen the coach pass the first ball then they pass the ball to a player in the fullback position out to the right (F).
  • F passes the ball down the line to a winger (W), who will be the one to cross the ball in after the Attacker has taken their first shot.
  • At the same time the exact same is happening at the other end of the pitch.
  • Players move positions:
  • The Attacker becomes the F for the other side, attacking in the other direction. F follows their pass to become the W, the W joins the line of Attackers. Rotate the Defenders after 5 minutes. 
  • Play different progressions/variations for about 30 minutes in total.
  • Includes breaks for water and feedback to the players



  • In the 1 vs 1s they must attack immediately and at pace
  • Hit target
  • They should react to the second chance to score (from the cross)
  • They need to think about their runs in for the cross when they are defended.
    • Across the front of the Defender
    • ​Start to go in front to draw the Defender then check and go to the back post or penalty spot.
  • Timing of their run; should be when the Defender loses sight of them by looking at the crosser with the ball.
  • Use pace of the ball to "guide" it into the goal.

Winger crossing the ball in:

  • Think about type of cross
    • Near post or a pull back to the penalty spot
    • Lofted ball to the back post
  • Use different footstrikes depending on which type:
    • Near post cross and pull back: hit the ball at pace with inside of foot.
    • Far post cross: "chipped" cross or "dink" (delicately lifted ball) with instep.
  • If crossing from near to goal line, ball can be "chipped" or "dinked" or "stood up" to miss out GK, who will probably be standing front post.
  • The ball can an be "whipped" from further out, which can have pace on the ball


  1. At first have the cross and finish unopposed but progress this so that the Defender stays to challenge the cross.
  2. 2 vs 1 (2 Attackers, 1 Defender), with 1 person staying in for 2 rotations as an Attacker each time (before moving round the the F position).
  3. Play clockwise and then anticlockwise to get crosses in from each side.



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