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Basic drills for passing and control?

im taking a coaching session and cant seem to come up with any decent basic drills for passing and controlling could anyone give me an idea

The attached drills should help I am not sure of the ability or age group of the pupils. These could be a good start. Hope the help.

Pass and support Running

Description: Player starts with the ball and passes the ball into player on the pole or cone. The passer then moves to forward to receive. Player then passes to the next player on the pole or cone and again makes a forward run. Player repeats with the last player and then dribbles the ball back to the start.
Coaching Points: When the player makes the forward run the make an angled run away from the ball (jogging) and then makes a sprint into space when the ball is wanted.
Always signal where the ball is wanted.

The other drills I should have also put in.

Football Rescue

Description: The group is split into 2 teams.
Each team elects a rescuer. This players waits in the goal.
All the rest of the team has a ball each. All payers need to move around with the ball a pass the ball so that it hits the opposite team below the waist. If they do then the player who has been hit must kneel down with their ball on their head. The rescuer can free the player on their side by running out of the goal and touching the players ball.
The game can be won if the rescuer is hit by the opposite team when he is out of the goal.
Coaching Points: Strike through the centre of the ball.
Head over the ball.
Use of deception when passing.

Get your players in a circle and pass the ball around using different passes. If a player passes the ball badly they have to run the outside of the circle. It is a race against the ball.

You can use the circle drill - get your players in a large circle - in the middle put four cones shaped in a square - start the drill by getting your players to dribble/run with the ball from his/her position in the circle toward the square as they get inside the square they change direction, look up pass the ball to another player who controls the ball (good first touch) and repeats, the player who passed the ball swaps places. Once the players are comfortable with the drill add another ball, then add another (three balls on the go) you can then change the drill to suit by making the player running/dribbling pass to a team mate, then recieve the ball back turn, go back through the square to another player, or play a one/two - you can also look at third man running. This set up allows you and your players to be creative, innovative and gets the players showing what they can do in terms of passing, controlling the ball. Drop me an email and we can discuss further: Email address removed.


i too use the circle drills fro warm ups, i have a static outside circle and the players inside move about from the players on out side, the inside players offer themselves up for a pass from the circle and they then pass the ball back, you dictate what foot and use of head.

OUTER CIRCLE (20m diameter) AND INNER CIRCLE (10m diameter)

Players split into 2 groups: Outer Players move together anti-clockwise, Inner players clockwise.

Inner players have a ball each. On signal all begin to move with the inner players passing to an outer player who controls, looks up and passes to the next inner player before carrying on around the outer circle repeating all the way round.

Then repeat but now outer players go anti-clockwise and inner players clockwise.

When done, inner and outer players swap and repeat the whole activity.


  1. Inner players serve in air for header or volley from outer players
  2. Outer players play one twos with inner players
  3. Inner and Outer players side step their way around and repeat all the drills


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