Touch Rugby With Mini-Maul

category: Match-Related

Touch rugby in teams of 5. Once a team has been touched three times change possession. When a player is touched, the tackler stays in passive contact ...

Maul Rip In A Circle

category: Practices-for-Juniors

This is good for upper body strength. 5 or 6 defenders, 1 ball, 2 attackers Defenders must stand in a circle about 2 metres apart to keep contact away...


category: Maul

First attacker runs straight and passes to second attacker (in middle channel). First player runs around second to recieve the pass in the end channel...

Web Videos

Rugby - la maul - marco paolini

Marco Paolini spiega cosa รจ la maul, il famoso "carrettino": una zuffa organizzata per spingere il compagno a guadagnare terreno.