When a scrum is awarded following an unsuccessful end to a maul

When a scrum is awarded following an unsuccessful end to a maul

When a scrum is awarded following an unsuccessful end to a maul, which team throws the ball in?

Arthur JohannesOther, South Africa
Alex PattonAdministrator, England

after an unsuccessful maul the attacking team (the team who took the ball into contact) will lose possession, meaning the defending team will put the ball into the scrum, as the defending team has held the attacking player up to form a maul, it is the attacking team`s responsibility to ensure the ball is made playable, if not it is a turnover, and the defensive team put the ball in the scrum.

Jason LaneCoach, Ireland

But if the ball is caught from an open play kick and a maul forms straight away and then is unsuccesful the team in possesion get the put into the scrum

Alex PattonAdministrator, England

whichever team retrieved the ball from the open play kick and then took the ball into contact, if the maul is unsuccessful that means the defensive team was successful in defence, therefore, will be a turnover and the defending team will put the ball into the scrum.

Many team coach the choke tackle (keeping the attacker from hitting the floor) as a defensive technique to form a maul so that it is unsuccessful they win the turnover. Wales is particularly good at it

Jason LaneCoach, Ireland

LAW 17.6 UNSUCCESSFUL END TO A MAUL (c) Scrum following maul. The ball is thrown in by the team not in possession when the maul began. If the referee cannot decide which team had possession, the team moving forward before the maul stopped throws in the ball. If neither team was moving forward, the attacking team throws in the ball. (h) Scrum after a maul when catcher is held.

If a player catches the ball direct from an opponent’s kick, except from a kick-off or a drop-out, and the player is immediately held by an opponent, a maul may form. Then if the maul remains stationary, stops moving forward for longer than 5 seconds, or if the ball becomes unplayable, and a scrum is ordered, the team of the ball catcher throws in the ball. ‘Direct from an opponent’s kick’ means the ball did not touch another player or the ground before the player caught it.

Jason LaneCoach, Ireland

it`s not always the defending team that gets the put in.

Alex PattonAdministrator, England

Well, you learn something new everyday i was unaware that was the law.
Many Apologies.

Jason LaneCoach, Ireland

it`s one that often catches you out, but you`ll remeber it once it happens to you :)

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