Hula Slalom Relay

category: Handling

On the coach's call players run through the slalom. As they pass each cone they have to pass the ball around their waists.

Handling - The Well Weighted Pass

category: Handling

Players line up on the left hand side of each gate and they start in a line, 5m down from the first gate. The player on the left starts to run with t...

Find The Space

category: Handling

Players run in any direction in the grid trying to avoid contact by running into space. When the teacher calls stop, all players must be at least 1m ...

Square - Improve Reactions

category: Handling

Players stand on a blue cone. On Go, the player passes the ball and sprints out to the nearest cone in the middle then back steps back to the next blu...

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Community Drills

Hula hoop round the circle.

Have each group link hands/Sleeves if shy.The idea is to move the hula hoop round the whole group without breaking the chain.