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Field hockey goalkeeper training

A lot of people have commented on how close to the line I am standing. I don't think the camera angle helps but I do tend to stand closer to my line p...

Fieldhockey dribbling

Dribbling, skills for hockey Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.



2 v 1 - Going from left to right

Build confidence in the 2v1 and get your players practising offloading the ball to the support on the right when they're on the attack!

Community Drills

Positioning in the D

Two strikers start in the D and have to lead into the right position. As the attacker with the ball carries the ball into the D on the base line, one ...

Stickwork Drills

Indian DribbleInterweaveOne touches down and backOther side of the pitch:10 yd. push and pulls (timed in one minute increments to see how many can be ...

Cross Field Pass with defenders

2 Attacking teams, on outsides1 defending team, in middleAttacking team must pass across defenders box to other attacking team, defenders must try int...

Exploding Dribbling Game

- dribble through cones going in & out of blue cones without touching any of them as quickly as possible- no reverse stickAlternative: decrease ga...