Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • This drill focuses on quick delivery of the ball into the circle.
  • Midfielder passes the ball into player in a wide position who uses the pace of the pass to deflect the ball into an attacker making a run in the circle. 
  • Attacker receiving the ball in the circle, should shape their run to create space where the ball is going to be played into.
  • Attacker should then look to put a ball across the goal. 

Coaching points

  • The pass from the midfielder into the wide player must be played accurately and at pace to ensure the wide player only has to angle the stick to get the ball into the circle.
  • Wide player should assume a low paosition with their stick parallel to the floor.
  • Attacking players first movement in the circle should be towards the ball or away from the space to pull the defender away.

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Drill tags: 1st time deflection, movement off the ball, attack circle, passing,

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