Skill Technique Circuit

Hockey Skill technique circuit Skill Circuit There should be approximately 4 players on each of the 3 stations in this drill. The player at the top o...

Pull Back

Hockey Pull Back Skill Circuit Player runs to the left of the cone and pulls the ball back. He/she then runs to the next cone etc. On completion of t...

Hitting Test

Hockey Hitting test Skill Circuit The player is required to hit the ball across the width of the pitch at the target. There are two options on how to...

Speed Work

Hockey Speed Work Skill Circuit Player runs up and down slalom. Players should look ahead of the ball. individual skills, race, slalom.

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Community Drills

Skills Circuit Tic-Tac-Toe

Split into 2 different teams - within those 2 teams make 2 groups red circle with arrow is where the tic tac toe grids are (two grids - one for e...

3D Skills Circuit

A - 1st 3D skill (cut underneath)D - Show right and cut inF - 2nd 3D skill (reverse lift)Shot at the back postFlair it up!