1V1 - Scoring Challenge

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Set up two lines of players as show in the image. The players with the ball start from the middle of the pitch on the 23m line and run out towards the...

Shooting Challenge

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

This challenge requires two teams; team 1 has to try and score with two touches (1st into the circle 2nd to shoot). Team 2's players have to try and s...


category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Ball fed in to any attacker. The defenders defend against all 3 attackers. The attacker who receives the ball either shoots or passes to a free attack...

Roll Out To Shoot

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player at the top of the circle receives the ball with his/her back to the goal. Then turns with one touch, either left or right and shoots at goal. ...

Web Videos

Shooting drills for field hockey

Matt Soto is a 4x High School State Champion Head Coach with over 500 career victories. Here he delivers the keys to getting your players to the next ...

Field hockey trickshots

Hockey tricks shots. Thanks to Norwich Hockey Club for letting us use the pitch. Music: Heart and Soul By Built by Titan.