Self Pass Disguise Free

category: Self-Pass

Hockey self pass Disguise Free Self Pass The player with ball has a free hit. They should play a self pass before then trying to get the ball to eith...

Team Relay

category: Self-Pass

Hockey Team relay Self Pass Four teams of 3 or 4 players. Put one goal 15m over the half way line so the half way line is the top of the circle. The ...

Self Pass To Create 2 Vs 1

category: Self-Pass

Hockey Self Pass to create 2 vs 1 Self Pass 2 v 1 with depth. Blue player starts with a self pass and runs at the defender with the option of then pa...

Speed Up The Self Pass

category: Self-Pass

Hockey speed up the self pass Self Pass 2 teams set out 2 small triangles with 1 meter sides. 1 player from each team and a ball stand inside the tri...

Web Videos

Field hockey drills compilation

Hi guys! The Self-Pass hockey skillers are back! This time we bring you a video compilation of 4 Field Hockey DRILLS performed by 2 of our skillers. H...



Community Drills

Jeux self pass

2 joueur se bats pour la balle et essay faire un goal chez son adversaire. (F fait le goal à gauche; A à droite).Changer les partenaires.

KDB self pass and coming to the ball

Self pass on teh 23m, 2v1, attacker losing a marker.self pass on the 23mCF comes to the top of D, then moves off left or right (at pace) in order to l...

sideline self pass diagram

Blue D - DefendersRed A - Attackers Red F - Attacking FeederRed arrow - Self pass from the sidelineBlack arrow- Pass to another attacking player

Game Plan 8/24

We will be in a 3:4:3:1 formation:3- forwards4- midfielders3- backs1- goalieLaura/Collete: You guys are my wings, it is important that you stay w...