Drill Categories

Indoor Hockey Drills

This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...

Set Pieces Drills

Set pieces, sometimes referred to as set-plays in hockey, happen when restarting a game after a foul, the taking of a corner, penalty corner or hit in...


Open Play Short Corner

category: Set-Pieces

Set up as shown in the picture. The ball is pushed out towards the top of the circle, but on this occasion the stopper dummies to stop the ball but l...

Penalty Corners

category: Indoor-Hockey

Using both circles to practice the slip left shot and the straight shot.

Penalty Corner Injection

category: Set-Pieces

- Restart at a penalty corner- Very important that the ball goes exactly where desired so the routine can run smoothly

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