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Goal keeping Drills

Good goal keeping is the ability to fearlessly stop the other team scoring through your goal keeper's agility and technique. These goal keeping videos...


Speedy Feet

category: Goal-keeping

Setup as shown.Coach and goalkeeper about 1m apart.Coach starts with some balls about 8m out. The coach feeds the ball to the goalkeeper who quickly ...

Diving Technique - Haunches

category: Goal-keeping

The goalkeeper must start on their haunches (squat position) before the coach throws the ball under arm for the goalkeeper to dive across and make a s...

Triangle Movement Drill

category: Goal-keeping

Setup the practice as shown.The space between the penalty spot and the 1st cone should be 2m and the same distance between the penalty spot cone and t...

Ball To Right Hand Stick Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

where possible the gloved left hand should move across the body - under the chin or above the eyes (so as not to impede vision) and make the savethe s...

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