Ucla Rebound Drill

category: Rebound

Player 1 will toss ball onto the backboard – get a defensive rebound using all good fundamentalsPlayer 4 will signal and call for ‘outlet pass’.Player...

1 On 1 Box-Out

category: Rebound

Player starts the move by shooting - aiming to hit the rim to create the rebound for the other two players.When the shot goes up the defensive player ...

1 V 1 Rebounding

category: Rebound

1 offensive player and 1 defensive player.The ball will be thrown up at the basket.The defensive player must go make contact(box out) the offensive pl...


category: Rebound

Need to anticipate where the ball is going to go and the speed of the ball. Stand about 2 meters from the basket. Toss the ball up to the rim simulate...

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Rebounding Drill

Players all line up behind each other and face the hoop/backboard. They must run up and throw the ball off the backboard and the next person must do t...