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Footwork and Movement Drills

Correct footwork and movement in basketball will enable your players to beat defenders, get free to receive the pass and open up more shooting opportu...


Team Dribble Jump Stop Turn Pass

category: Dribbling-Relay

Basketball Team Dribble Jump Stop Turn Pass Dribbling Relay Dribble ball out 5 m. Jump stop. Turn and pass ball to waiting team member. Repeat until ...

Footwork Warm Up

category: Warmup

Basketball Footwork warm up Warmup Players run around, avoiding the hoops on the floor. When they hear the whistle they must perform a stride stop (t...

5M Dribble Sprint And Stop

category: Dribbling-Techniques

Basketball 5m Dribble Sprint and Stop Dribbling Techniques Players dribble the ball 5m whilst sprinting and come to a jump stop.

Footwork Pivoting Drill

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Basketball Footwork pivoting Drill Footwork and Movement Blue 1 moves to the ... as they catch the ball they must land with either a jump stop or a s...

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Community Drills

Dribble moves full court

Full Court Dribble MovesOn each end of the floor, have an assistant or manager stand at the arc as a token, stationary defender (does not actually ste...

PG Drive-up

1 drives to the nail and jump stops. The 4 climbs up the ladder to the high post. 1 passes to the 4 and finishes rolling up to the 5 and 5 to the 1. T...

Passing drills

Here we have the group work in pairs and pass to one another. after a pass the players must back pedal around the cone and come and catch on a jump s...