Footwork - Jump and stride stop

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Put an end to lazy footwork with this Sportplan's stopping session - looking at the jump stop and the stride stop to help your players avoid travelling tribulations and separate themselves from the opposition's defenders!

Most commonly, a player travels by illegally moving their pivot foot or taking too many steps without dribbling the ball. Sound all too familiar? If so this is the session your players need!

To put an end to this rule violation we go back to the beginning by looking at two pieces of footwork which should be second nature to your players but could do with a bit of a refreshing: The jump stop and the stride stop. Both these stops are vital to the continuity of the game, enabling your team to maintain possession and better weigh up their options.

We start this session by placing some hoops on the floor so that your players can easily visualize where their pivoting foot is going to land. After this we take a quick look at how to jump stop and pivot to shield the ball using their body before then progressing into a pass-receive-pivot and run drill which will really help your players to compound everything they've learned in this footwork session.

Try this session today to see what Sportplan can bring to your coaching.

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