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Players run around, avoiding the hoops on the floor. When they hear the whistle they must perform a stride stop (this is where their first foot lands inside the hoop and second outside). The foot inside the hoop is not allowed to move.

The player must then pivot on their standing leg before then jogging off in another direction.

When players hear two whistles they must jump stop, landing inside a hoop with both feet together. Player then select their pivot foot, moving the non-pivoting foot out of the hoop in order to pivot and change direction.

Coaching points

Stride stop: Land in a 1, 2 pattern. Only the first foot goes in the hoop

Jump stop: Both feet together landing at the same time in the hoop.


Only half the player have a ball, upon hearing the whistle ball carrying players must perform the pivot before passing to a player without a ball.

The player who receive the ball must also perform the same stop (stride or jump), catching the ball in the air, before dribbling the ball off again, awaiting the next whistle.

A common mistake in children is to catch the ball, land and then perform the steps (which is a travel).

Drill tags: footwork, jump, stop, stride

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