Basketball Drill Demonstration


Players are lined up on the baseline. The coach will be on the other side of the court.

When the whistle is blown the players will start to jog. When the whistle is blown again the players will perform a quick stop to simulate them catching the ball in triple threat ready to shoot.

This is continued to the other end of the court.

Coaching points

A quick stop is performed either when dribbling the ball or receiving the ball, you will jump slightly in the air and land on both feet at the same time. Doing this gives you the ability to use both feet as a pivot foot.

Make sure players have a good solid base when landing in the quick stop and that all aspects of the triple threat position are correct:

Knees and back slightly bent, ball just below the shoulder, Feet just over shoulder width apart.


After you blow the whistle the players will land on a quick stop and then pretend to shoot an imaginary ball.

Coaches can use this time to see early on what players will need help correcting their form.


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