Drill Categories

Screening Drills

A screen, also known as a pick, involves an attacking player blocking a defender by standing beside or behind him/her so a teammate can shoot, receive...


Double Drop Step

category: Footwork-and-Movement

From the block do a spin back, drop step to the power box, lift fake from the chin position, jump step to a hook. Concentrate on not bringing the ball...

Double Screen

category: Screening

This type of screen will be used to get a player open for a shot. The screeners will stand side by side which makes it a wider screen so it is harder ...

Bouncing Against Wall Double Alternate

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

A progression from the previous exercise. Alternate the ball that you bounce against the wall. Requires extra coordination and control of the basketba...

Bouncing Against Wall Double

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Stand close towards the wall with a ball in each hand. Bounce the balls simultainously against the wall. How many times you can do it without stoppi...

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Public Drills

Relay Race

Have each basket line up behind a cone on the base-line.On "GO" they dribble between the cones, when they reach mid-court, they dribble down...

5v5 full court game

We will now play a full court game 10 minutes each half, 20 minute game all together. keep the same teams as you have down throughout the session. Try...

Double Down Guard/Wing shooting drill

Set up cones to reflect double down screens.Blue player comes off screens aggresively and receives pass from red player. He then chooses to either sho...