Mini-games and Warm Up Drills

This Sportplan Session is one to print and keep, with 10 fantastic warm up drills and exercises to bring new ideas to the court and prepare your players, mentally and physically!

Warming up can sometimes feel like a bit of a formality, with some gentle jogging and simple stretching, but it doesn't have to be dull! To get your players engaged from the off this week we've selected 10 drills which you can use as fun pulse raisers with your team!

Here's just some of the benefits of a thorough warm up:

  • It releases adrenaline and increases players' heart rate
  • Enables oxygen in the blood to travel with greater speed
  • Increases production of synovial fluid located between the joints to reduce friction and allows players' joints to move more efficiently!

You can save these drills for a rainy day, use them to add some spice to your warm ups or even incorporate them into your pre-match routine... The choice, is yours!

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