Learning to dominate your space!

Learning to dominate your space can be extremely effective for attackers if you have the correct body positioning. This skill is particularly important within the circle, as your centre court players will be able to easily see where the shooter is holding and where they want the ball.

What's in the Session?

The session begins with a fun warm-up game where both your defence and attack should be working hard. Your defence will be focusing on the 3 stages of defence, whilst the attack thinking strategically how to get the ball to safety/maintain possession. The session moves on to focus on teaching your attackers how to hold their space. The idea of holding your space is first introduced with a simple practice called 'Sumo Wrestlers' but further developed into a 1 vs 1 holding space practice. These drills will teach your players how to correctly hold their space, what this feels like and what makes a successful hold, therefore ultimately helping the ball flow through court easier. As this type of attacking movement is most likely to be used within the circle form the shooters, the session moves on to create a drill within the circle. The session concludes with a modified game of netball, with certain conditions placed upon the game to get your players implementing what they have learnt.

This session will add an additional skill to your attackers tool box and really help them get the upper hand on their defenders. Dominating your space will enable you to get the ball through court easier, whilst maintaining possession.

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