Dominant Team Defence - Teamwork and communication session

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This tough defending session is designed to help your team be more forceful and dominant in defence.

To improve your players' defensive skills and encourage better teamwork and communication the practices in this plan highlight the importance of fast, accurate and effective footwork to force opponents where they want them to go - this is dominant team defence!

What's in the Session?

We launch into this session with two fast footwork warm ups designed to get all your players dashing and darting around the court. Following on from this we then jump into two skill development practices (including "Protect the hole") before finishing with a restricted zone game where your defenders have to use the 3 stages of defending.

Encourage players to be vocal as communication is key. Loud defenders are very intimidating and can cause hesitation and uncertainty in their opponents. Defenders should dictate where they want their opponents to go and try to frustrate the attacker.

Verena (editor of Sportplan Netball)

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