Developing powerful and direct passing to maintain possession of the ball!

Direct, powerful passing is absolutely paramount to attacking at pace. Being able to make connections with fast passes will allow you to cut through the opposition at will. Use this session to fine tune your teams passing and movement!

What?s in the Session?

Begin the session with an intensive ?pass and move? practice to engage your players and get them ready for lots of passing and receiving. Next, develop their skills with multiple practices that work on their passing, positioning to receive the pass, turning once they?ve received it, and moving it on again. The practices demand a high level of quality plus a sound technique to get the most out of them. You will soon see those whose technique requires slightly more attention. End the session with a modified game which has two balls active at the same time. The most successful team will be the ones who can move the ball quickly and keep a clear picture of how the court looks.

Desire to play fast, attacking netball is one thing, but to do so, you must nail the basics. Make sure your teams technique is firing, ready to be able to pass the ball around the court with pace and accuracy.

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