Developing awareness on court and reacting effectively to stimuli to maximise success!

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This session focused on developing your players awareness and speed of reactions on court. Therefore enabling your players to be first to the ball and gain possession to maximise the team?s chances on goal.

What?s in the Session?

Begin the session with a warm-up that engages the players physically and mentally with practices that tests their reactions and will probably induce a few laughs with it! As the session progresses, the skill based practice encourages players to make decisive, fast drives on to the ball, working on maintaining a narrow foot base to ensure they can react and move off quickly. As we all know, within a game there are many loose balls that can be contested, this session will ensure your players are first to the ball and capitalise from these. The session concludes with a conditioned game allowing your players to put the skills learnt into practice, whilst ensuring they maintain possession.

Develop into a team who aims to maintain possession and awareness throughout, ready to take back possession and capitalise when those 50:50 balls are up for grabs!

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