Defending Principle - Tight teamwork to maximise the ZONE defence

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Defence is the order of the day with this session. It focuses on developing your players defending skills, particularly focusing on ZONE defence with the aim of forcing your opponent to the outside of the court to either force an error or to make an interception. Winning the ball back high up the court is a fantastic way to create attacking chances so use this session to make your defence rock solid to give you the best opportunities in attack.

What?s in the Session?

Warm-up with a simple attack vs defence and get everybodies heads in the game to be ready for some intense defensive work. The session continues with practices to get used to communicating in pairs to nullify attacks, forcing them wide and eventually turning the ball over to create an attack of your own. As progress is made, the session incorporates a conditioned game to allow your players to develop their skills in a match-specific environment before a multi-ball madness at the end to really test their communication and peripheral vision!

Defending it the only way you?re going to be able to attack. Make sure you?re good at it!

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