Decisive attack to provide ball carrier various options

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It?s all very well having brilliant individuals, but if you can?t get them playing off one another to create the best outcomes for the team, success will be sparse. This session focuses on developing an understanding amongst the team to provide the ball carrier with options through timing, reactions and capability to read other players movements.

What?s in the Session?

Start off with a super dynamic warm up that raises the players heart rates as well as switches them on mentally, encouraging them to think about player movements and timings. The session progresses into technique based practices to develop players decision making on the pass their delivering plus the space they?re creating as a receiver. The practices introduces new skills to create space to provide options for the ball carrier in order to build attacks with fast passing and slick movement. Pull everything together at the end with a conditioned game to really test how well the players have gelled and understood each others movements over the course of the sessions

There is no substitute for team cohesion. Get the best out of your players by developing their skills beyond just the physical movements.

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