Attacking Principle - Maintaining Possession of the Ball

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This session looks at the attacking principle of maintaining possession of the ball, by using power and accuracy when passing. By getting your players to pass powerfully and accurately, they’ll be ensuring that the ball will reach the correct destination, putting them on the front foot!

It’s important that your players put plenty of power and accuracy behind their pass; a weak and inaccurate pass would be easily intercepted by the opposition and put them on the attack instead of your side. With this session, we’ll get your players thinking about where they’re passing, making a quick but effective decision and becoming aware of their surroundings. We also look at turning in the air to receive the ball, helping your players lose their defender and create space, increasing the number of opportunities on goal!

What’s in the Session?

Start off with a warm up to get your players fully prepared and focused for the session ahead. Get working on their accuracy and power behind their passing straight from the off, working on the individual techniques of passes such as the chest, bounce and shoulder passes.

Your players need to work together and we go through the session, your players need to communicate with one another in a number of drills to deliver each pass correctly. Finish off with a 7 v 7 conditioned game, with two balls involved, ready to test what your players have learnt and improved on during the session!

Stop your passes being intercepted in your matches - get your players passing with power and accuracy with this session today!

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