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Defensive Pressure Session Thumbnail
Defensive Pressure

Develop your player's understanding of the importance of defensive pressure, while allowing them to practice their 1st and 2nd stage defence.

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Set up:

  • Goal
  • 6+ players (at least 2 players at each corner)
  • 2 lines
  • 1 ball


  • A player (player 1) starts out of the lines facing back at the line (line A). 
  • 1st player (player 2) in the other line (line B) drives directly out to the same distance as player 1. 
  • Player at the front of line A starts with the ball and passes the ball diagonally to the player 2 who has driven out from line B. 
  • Player 1 is to drive across to intercept the pass to player 2. 
  • If successful player 1 passes to line B and joins the line, if not, player 2 will have received the ball and passes to line B (player 1 still joins the line).
  • Player 2 then becomes the person intercepting as another palyer drives out from line A. 
  • The process is the same but opposite lines. 


Coaching points

Players must time the intercept so they are not waiting and encourages a hard drive on to the ball.

Players passing the ball must make sure they are passing to the player waiting rather than the player intercepting. 

If the player tips the ball they must try and pull the ball in or chase the tip and keep it on court.




If the player does not make the intercept, they can attempt a second intercept where the player at the "post" (where the ball was being passed to) attempts a pass back to the line who now needs the ball. The intercepting player attempts and intercept here. 

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