Netball Drill Demonstration


Play an attacking game situation of a centre pass with free flow at the line. A centre, WA and GA are looking to move the ball for 2 passes with a GD and WD attempting to intercept

WA and GA provide 2 leads; Centre uses decision making skills to select the best option.

Once the Centre has passed the ball they can move forward to provide a 2nd phase passing option.

Play 2-3 phases.

Coaching points

  • Make sure there is connected movement between the GA and WA.
  • The Centre needs to recognise cues and triggers to select the best option for 1st phase that will lead into a successful 2nd phase.
  • Making the Centre available as a 2nd phase option allows the GA to get into a position to receive the ball in the circle which can create a shooting option.


Add the other Centre as another defender

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