Netball Drill Demonstration


One player has ball near goal post

All others in a line around circle edge.

First player from line (GA in the example) make a lead in and at the same time calls out a choice from:

  • Poison - thrown on the full
  • 1 - one bounce
  • 2 - two bounces
  • 3... so on

After catching the ball (allowing the right number of bounces) they shoot from where they are. If the shot goes in, they replace the other player and it starts again from the line. If they miss then the GS must rebound, allowing the correct number of bounces and shoot. This continues until a shot is succesful.

Coaching points

Set a time limit overall so that the "winner" is the last shooter.

Watch for too high numbers being used as this encourages players to not actually affer a proper shot.

Created by Simon, Netball Coach, Australia

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