Netball Drill Demonstration


In pairs, with feeders on the outside, with space behind them, and workers in the middle.

First person works continuously for 60 seconds, whilst other rests, then swap over. Each player goes through each exercise twice.


  1. Drive forward for short, flat pass, return, circle the feeder and then drive to opposite feeder. Workers should go in same direction to avoid collisions; on second run through, go the opposite direction.
  2. As above but one feeder gives a low. Roll ball and other gives lifted pass.
  3. Ball out to the right, return to centre around the other worker, then drive to left from same feeder, then drive to opposite feeder to repeat.

Coaching points

  • Obvious change of pace for the drive phase
  • Feet underneath body
  • Fast and light on feet
  • Shoulders/hips facing direction of travel
  • Good ball handling
  • Strong 2 handed take
  • Strong passes
  • Quick release
  • Feed accuracy

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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