Netball Drill Demonstration


In groups of 5; 3 posts positioned in a triangle and 2 workers with a ball each. The workers should send ball to a post, then clear out of the triangle, and drive back in to receive a ball. They must then send to one of the other feeders on next pass.

10 passes with no drops



Only 1 ball between the 2 workers, so now they must both make an offer to the post for the ball; whoever does not receive the ball, gives a change of direction to get the next pass, then both clear out around a post. Timing so that both making an offer on next ball. Looking for 10 balls and no ball drops.

ADD condition that they can’t clear around the post to which they sent ball?

Coaching points

Clearing out to give themselves a good space to run into.
Are they aware of the other player and choosing a different space? 
Or are they both always driving into centre?
How quickly are thy able to sight the post without a ball?

Are they ‘following’ the ball and always clearing around the post to which they sent ball? 

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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