Netball Drill Demonstration


In squads (8-12 players) working on half a court, across the diagonal, two lines on either side

  • Two offers made for the ball by A1 and A2, with the non-receiver making a second offer to receive the next pass ahead.
  • A3 and A4 then make offers on the ball in the same format
  • Players join the opposite line after they have completed their circuit of passes
  • Move the ball for 20 passes

Progression 1: Add in floating defender

Progression 2: Have 2 floating defenders, and attackers can also use back pass

Progression 3: Attackers must make 4 passes between them (can use back pass) before opposite pair come through

Other options:

  • Increase number of passes
  • Forfeits for dropped balls

Coaching points

  • Ball carriers looking to use the straight line option whenever possible
  • Passing ahead of the moving player
  • Make correct decision about whom to pass, when and what pass to use
  • Attacking Players reading off each other to give ball carrier two genuine offers
  • Quick reaction of other attacker to reposition for next pass
  • Looking to be on the straight line and gaining space down the court whenever possible
  • Timing of next pairing to give next offers on the ball

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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