Netball Drill Demonstration


W drives forward for ball, looks down the line, but can’t give it so returns to F1

Then drives down court to get long ball 

Start with relatively passive defender, but build quickly

Variations depending on defender movement

  1. Defender is beaten, can you get quick long ball? Look at front cut (defender has overcooked it) and back cut?
  2. Defender comes with: can attacker clear slowly, then make drive for 3rd second ball
  3. Attacker goes for front cut, but is blocked by defender; can they flick out and take ball on the run?
  4. Defender stays with; does attacker have guts to go with momentum and still run on it? (at what point do they cut back or clear for someone else?)

Coaching points

The ball needs to be received ahead of the driving player, so they catch it on the move; placement of ball and timing of the run are both key!

Keep feet under the body, and no leaping onto the ball. This way, you are ready to send the next ball on in balanced and controlled manner.

Sight down the court first each time.

Adding in defender often causes players to hesitate; preliminary work to get angle on defender so that the intensity of the drive is maintained (or intensified!)

Recognising that knowing where defender is a benefit; it can help keep our attacking angles tight (stops lazy curve runs) and gives feeder clear space into which to feed

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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