Netball Drill Demonstration


WA receives, Centre pass in Centre Third.  C cuts down middle of the court to top of the circle.

GS leads out from circle, to receive second pass from WA.

GA leads out into Centre Third before cutting back to run into the circle, where they receive third pass from GS on the fly. GS returns to the circle to box out.

Timing - C, WA and GS must move quickly to ensure that GA receives ball at the post on the fly.

Coaching points

GA and WA should position themselves on the inside of their opposing players for centre pass set up.  This enables them to either cut off their defenders, by leading out; or allows them to get the jump on their defenders by leading in.

GS should always position themselves in the centre of the circle, in the top half of the circle.

WA and C should be at 45 degree angle on the circle to each other at all times.  They should not leave circle edge until ball has gone through the net, or there is a turn over.

Once ball is released into the Attacking third, WD and GD should position themselves on the transverse line, dropping back only when the ball is turned over and heading back down the court.

Created by , Netball Coach, Australia

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