Netball Drill Demonstration


Passing into space & Running onto ball drill for whole team. 


What you will need...

1 ball 

A full court. 


The players(doesnt matter how many) will stand on outside of court evenly. 

The ball will start with one of the people amoungst the outside recatangle. 

  1. The ball will start by being passed to the player doing the work in the inside. 

    (in this instance the ball started with the GS and was passed to player A)

  2. The second pass will be passed to the next player around the outside. (to the GK)
  3. Player A wil run across to in front of the person with ball and recieve their pass. Note:Make sure the pass is recieved right in front of the person who is making the pass.
  4. Once again pass the ball to the next player.
  5. this repeats to every player
  6. while player A is passing the players that have already passed to A, rotate round in unti-clockwise direction with the first partner coming into the middle getting ready for her round. 


Red lines=Path the working player runs. (player A)

Black lines= Path the ball takes. 

Coaching points

Watching Stepping and landing. 

Get them to do high, chest and bounce passes. 

Timing of passes for the girl who is running to catch the ball in front of her. 

Sprinting between each pass. 

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