Five Alive

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Separate the whole group into teams of around 5-6. Each team nominates a player to feed first.

When ready the feeder throws the ball to each...

Mini-Returning Skills With The Cone

category: Serve-and-Return

Player stands on the ad side with a cone in hand. Coach serves from the ad side. Player then catches the ball inside the cone and throws it over th...

Taste Your Own Shot

category: Smash-Drills

Player stands on the baseline. Coach feeds high topspin ball into one of the corners. Player moves back, hits high topspin ball to the backhand cor...

Throw Low Rally

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Targets are set to give a visual feedback to players. Players rally with each other, with both having to throw the ball below the upper bar.


Web Videos

Tennis training tspt part 2

This video is about Tennis Movement and training players with sending and receiving skills, reaction skills, and loading skills.

Wheelchair tennis: receiving drill

A wheelchair tennis player demonstrates a drill to help improve receiving skills. NCHPAD (National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability)...