Tennis Drill Demonstration


Intention: Develop sending and receiving skills through the use of progressive coordination exercises.

  • Following progression 1 Players stand facing each other on the inside and outside tramlines respectively (in a ready, athletic, gorilla position)
  • Players have two balls, one ball each, and throw the balls underarm between each other.
  • The balls must bounce once before the partner catches the ball.
  • Each player must throw the ball with their right hand and catch the other ball with their left.
  • Once the ball has been caught it must be passed between the hands in preparation for the throw and free up the left hand for the catch.
  • As players master a rhythm, they attempt to increase the tempo.

Coaching points

  • Ensure players have mastered the coordination from progression 1 before adding another ball.
  • Make sure players are in ready positions, both players need tothrow with the same hands; they need to work as a team ensuring they are passing in time. 


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